Hello, I am Vadim Brodsky, a passionate Full–Stack Web Developer & Designer based in Kitchener-Waterloo. Currently working as a Software Developer at Vidyard, where I help build the video marketing platform that businesses <3

I take pride in creating digital experiences that solve problems and delight users. I am an avid tech enthusiast and geek, I love learning, tinkering and traveling.


I have over 8 years of professional Graphic Design experience, designing in both print and digital mediums. I worked on branding projects, magazines, websites, user interfaces, apps, ads, and almost all collateral and marketing materials.

The contant truth in any kind of design are design principles, no matter if designing for the screen or the printed page, design is design and it has to work.

My tools of the trade are the Adobe CS Suite, Sketch App, OmniGraffle and my handy notebook. Read more...

Selected Works


In the past 4 years I have completely immersed myself in the world of web development. Becoming proficient in all aspects of the web development process: strategy, wire-framing, conceptual design, development, deployment, testing, SEO and performance optimization. With special attention to the small details that delight users.

I have deep knowledge of modern front-end web technologies. As well as server-side development in different CMS platforms, web application frameworks and third-party API integrations. Read more...

Selected Projects

From the Blog

Selected Works

  • Portfolio metricwire landing
    Metricwire Landing Page & Email
  • Portfolio bn book
    Nygard Fashion Lookbook
  • Portfolio chamber website
    Chamber of Commerce Microsite
  • Portfolio otto website
    Otto Motors Website Development
  • Portfolio do process infographic
    Do Process Infographic
  • Portfolio eventastic ui
    Eventastic Web App UI

Selected Projects

A collection of digital artifacts and projects that I have worked on. Either to solve some problem or as part of learning something new.

  • HTML / CSS / JS

    YouTube Video Backgrounds

    Using the YouTube iFrame API to play a video as a background

  • Unix


    My coding environment, including my VIM and Tmux settings

  • Ruby on Rails


    An excercise Ruby on Rails application, a mini IMDB

  • Ruby / Sinatra

    Blackjack on Sinatra

    A Sinatra based blackjack game, playable in the browser

  • Ruby

    Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

    A command line Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game

  • Ruby / JavaScript

    Project Euler

    My solutions to the Project Euler problems in Ruby and JavaScript